Social Media Agency Cape Town


We are a social media management team focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses, in South Africa, establish a recognizable and long-lasting footprint on various social media platforms. Our Social Media Agency Cape Town provides high quality services at an affordable price, with our prime objective being to convert these leads generated by social media to the overall financial growth of our clients’ businesses.

Social media platforms provide businesses with a valuable opportunity to reach new markets and expand their existing brand presence. By understanding the power and scope of collaborative and integrated social media platforms we are able to develop social media structures that accommodate unique business characteristics and connect with individual customer groups to generate the highest return on investment.


We believe in your brand

Having a background in brand management, we are able to guide and assist clients in drafting and translating their unique brand image and message, across social portfolios.
Every brand is unique, we therefore tailor every marketing strategy to suit each individual brand.

We don’t leave you high and dry

We have developed operations mind maps, providing clients with guidance on how to operate within their chosen platform.

We leave nothing to chance

We prepare content in advance, allowing clients to review the content plan before any content is made public.

We are thorough

We make it a priority to understand the essence of your brand and your social media goal, before developing our marketing proposals.


We make sure our clients understand their return on investment.
Social media reports are sent to clients on a monthly basis to ensure you, as the client, are able to determine the growth of your social media presence at any point in time.


Social Media is one of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools any business can possess. With over 3.7 billion active social media users worldwide, no business can reach its full potential without having developed an ACTIVE and INTEGRATED social media presence. The ability social media has to tailor adverts to a specific target audience is greatly under-priced and underrated. There has never been a better time to invest in social media marketing.

In terms of our social media management services, we operate on a contractual basis whereby clients are invoiced monthly for our services.

Social media marketing is a long term investment. However, the benefit of social media marketing is its ability to directly reach your specific target audience. Content is further easily shareable therefore creating the potential of virality . We additionally recommend that all clients dedicate at least a R300 – R500 ad spend budget per month to their social media marketing. This budget is utilised to sponsor specific posts on social platforms. We strategically sponsor posts that generate interactivity so that your target market is made aware of you and you ultimately get the most bang for your buck.

The client must nominate a champion in their business to monitor the daily social media interactions and respond to any messages or queries.

We design a custom marketing strategy centred around your business . We develop all the social media posts, copy alongside each post and publish every post on the applicable social media platforms. We further provide clients with social media reports on a monthly basis.

The first step is developing a marketing strategy centred around your business model and brand essence before deciding which marketing approach to take. We enjoy meeting with client to find out more about your brand before we get started. Once we have some insight we begin designing our marketing proposal and present our social media strategies and platform recommendations. You can take your time to review our proposal and if you are happy with everything we can go forward with the implementation process and begin maximizing your brand.


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