Why Social Media Marketing?

The internet is made up of over 3 billion users and 2 billion active social media accounts. Don’t underestimate the power of social media.


According to Forbes, 84% of VPs and CEOs will conduct research on social media before making a purchase decision.

People use social media as a tool for investigation. Customers feel more secure and are more likely to purchase a product/service if they have properly investigated it. Reading customer reviews and scrolling through social media feeds help customers determine whether you are a reliable brand.


Your customers love social media. This is probably one of the most important reasons why you should be investing in social media.

People love spending down time scrolling through social media. Therefore, by placing your brand on social media you are creating an avenue for people to interact with your brand on their terms.


96% of small business owners and marketers use social media marketing and 92% argue social media is important for business.

An active social media presence gives a brand credibility. If your brand is active online, it not only keeps your brand at the forefront of consumer’s minds but will communicate your legitimacy as a brand to the public.


57% of consumers have a better perception of business after reading positive praise or comments online and 16% of consumers state they will only share positive reviews present on social media.

A big part of social media is reviews. Many consumers will only finalise a purchase decision once they have investigated product reviews online. Facebook and Google are great tools for building a brand reputation online.

Social media affords business the opportunity of targeting content and adverts to specified consumers. Most social media channels allow businesses to sponsor posts.

Due to the larger demographic of consumers online, social media channels are able to categorize consumer by their social media interactions and content shared online. Therefore, when sponsoring a post on social media you are able to target your post to your specific demographic criteria for a small fee.


Social media marketing improves visibility online.

It allows businesses to showcase their brand’s voice and personality and therefore creates stronger consumer connections and brand relatability.

The beauty of social media is its unique ability to translate a brand’s voice online. Traditional forms of marketing don’t provide brands with enough opportunity to communicate their story to the public. By developing a communication strategy online, you can enhance your consumer relationships and build loyalty overtime.


Measuring return on investment (ROI) is easier than traditional marketing.

Social media channels provide a breakdown of valuable information which can greatly assist businesses in determining their return on investment. Analytical data published by social media is so valuable. By using this data correctly, brands can alter their communication strategy to generate a larger impact and ultimately a larger ROI.

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