Keep it Fresh

Keep things fresh and fun with these quirky promotional drop ideas.


There is nothing quite as exciting as receiving a free promotional drop from a trusted partner.

Promotional items do not need to cost an arm or leg to have a positive impact with your audience. Your branding and unique taglines can do a lot of the work for you. Remember to focus on selecting items that add value to you clientele. Often the messaging (quirky taglines and unique branding) alongside the item delivers more of an impact than the actual gift.

These gift boxes were another successful promotional drop designed for GK Letting. Each box was filled with a handful of Endearmints for clients to enjoy, either on the road or in the office.

A lot of focus was put on designing the labels in order to create a fun and exciting experience that left an impression with the client. Ultimately the finish product was yet again a great success for our clients.


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